Agua de Jamaica

Jamaica is dried hibiscus flower. You can find it at any Latin grocery store, but at least here in Arizona a lot of main stream grocers and carry it now. Also natural food stores. Of course you can buy it in tea form, but I usually buy it in bulk and store it in a jar in the pantry. Hibiscus is high is vitamin C and just tastes great. My kids think they are drinking capri sun “juice”. =)




3/4 C Bulk dried Hibiscus Flowers

2 C Filtered water to steep the flowers

8 C to Add later.

2 T Raw Honey.  (Add more if you like it sweeter)


Place the Hibiscus Flowers and 2C water in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Let simmer 5 min. Let sit and cool another 5 min. Strain out the hibiscus flowers and add the honey to the warm deep purple liquid. Stir in the other 8 C of water and serve over ice. You can add more honey if you like it sweeter.  You could double the recipe and  take 1/2 of the concentrated hibiscus and honey mixture and freeze it to use at a later date. Just add water.

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