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Turmeric, Ginger Limeade

Summer is here is here and boy is it hot here in the desert! This drink has become our absolute favorite! It is not only refreshing, but has amazing health benefits. Turmeric is anti-inflamatory, ginger is great for digestion, local raw honey is amazing for seasonal allergies and lime is just plain awesome. That is it, 4 ingredients, 5 ingredients if you count the water and you are good an hydrated all summer long. My husband loves it so much that he is planning on using it as his sports drink. He is mixing it with hierba mate tea and taking it biking.


1, 2 inch piece of turmeric peeled and cut into 5 or 6 chunks (you could also use the dried spice about 1 tsp, but I prefer the taste of fresh)
1, 2 inch piece of ginger  peeled and cut into 5 or 6 chunks (you could also use the dried spice about 1 tsp but I prefer the taste of fresh)
1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice (2-4 limes depending on how juicy they are) (you could use lemon as well, it too is super yummy)
3 T local raw honey
4 cups + 2 cups of Filtered water

Place the chopped turmeric and ginger in a pot with 4 cups of water. Bring to a boil. Turn down to low and let simmer 5 min or so. Turn off the heat add the 3 T or honey, stir to combine and let cool. Once cool take out the pieces of ginger and turmeric and pour into whatever you are going to use to store your drink. I use a large canning jar. Add the remaining 2 cups of water and the 1/2 cup of lime juice. Stir and drink right away over ice or store in the refrigerator.


Agua de Jamaica

Jamaica is dried hibiscus flower. You can find it at any Latin grocery store, but at least here in Arizona a lot of main stream grocers and carry it now. Also natural food stores. Of course you can buy it in tea form, but I usually buy it in bulk and store it in a jar in the pantry. Hibiscus is high is vitamin C and just tastes great. My kids think they are drinking capri sun “juice”. =)




3/4 C Bulk dried Hibiscus Flowers

2 C Filtered water to steep the flowers

8 C to Add later.

2 T Raw Honey.  (Add more if you like it sweeter)


Place the Hibiscus Flowers and 2C water in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Let simmer 5 min. Let sit and cool another 5 min. Strain out the hibiscus flowers and add the honey to the warm deep purple liquid. Stir in the other 8 C of water and serve over ice. You can add more honey if you like it sweeter.  You could double the recipe and  take 1/2 of the concentrated hibiscus and honey mixture and freeze it to use at a later date. Just add water.

Classic Margarita

Is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day or with spicy Mexican food than a icy cold margarita? I like mine simple and tart.



Classic Margarita

1 oz Good Tequila. I use a Reposado Tequila. One of my favorite brands is Casadores Reposado. The reposado is aged, so it is much smoother and complex flavor in comparison to a silver. An anejo is even better, but a reposado does just fine and is a little easier on the pocket book.

1/2 oz Orange Liqueur

2 limes juiced

Optional: splash of agave or honey simple syrup. I don’t like it in mine, but for those who need a little sweetener.

Pour all ingredients into a shaker filled 1/2 full with ice. Give a good 20 second shake and pour into a sea salt rimmed glass and serve.