Favorite Recipe Links

I follow some amazing Paleo bloggers. They are so inspiring and geniuses in what they create. I have tested out a ton of recipes on my family. Here are some of my favorites.

Pancakes – My kids ask for these weekly. They are so similar in taste and texture to regular wheat pancakes. The Spunky Coconut.

Waffles – Another favorite. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  Brittany Angell

Bit size cheesecakes – Add whatever fruit you want on top. Amazing textures. Delighted Mamma

Crepes – Taste just like a French crepe my aunt used to make. Jane’sHealthy Kitchen

Fruit By The Foot – My kids favorite and a weekly tradition to get ready for the school week. Against All Grain

Granola – So yummy with homemade almond milk. I make the one from her book, but her blog recipe is really close.  Against all Grain Granola

Bread – These are two of my favorite recipes. One is so close to a wheat slice of bread, Brittany Angell Bread,  the other is more dense by Elana’s Pantry. My mom used to make a really dark bread with lots of seeds in it and this one reminds me of that.

Pizza Crust – I have been searching for a Pizza Crust that I could actually use fulfill my pizza need. This one knocks it out of the park. Zen Belly is a genius.  My kids helped me make this pizza crust a couple of night ago. This was the result.





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