Go To Red Salsa

This is my go to red salsa. I put it on everything. Back in the day (and sometimes still) it is my chip and salsa, it goes on fajitas, enchiladas, fried eggs in salsa,  anything that needs a little something extra. If I make it mild enough my kids will eat it and if I get a huge box of tomatoes I can it and give it as gifts to friends. It is so easy and so good!



10-12 Roma tomatoes
3-4 Serrano chilies
1/2 Yellow onion
2 Cloves of garlic
1 Handful of cilantro
1/2 Tsp salt + more to taste

Wash and place the tomatoes, garlic (not peeled) and serrano chilies on an aluminum lined cookie sheet (just for easier clean up) and set the oven to broil. Broil for 15 min or until the skins of tomatoes is black. Flip all the ingredients over and put them back in the over to broil the other side, for another 10 minutes. Take out of the oven and let cool. While they are cooling. Give the onion a quick chop and place in a food processor with the cilantro. When cooled peel the serrano chiles and garlic and add to the food processor. Give it 5 or so pulses so that everything gets nice and chopped. Peel the skin off of the tomatoes and add them to the food processor. Add 1/2 tsp salt. You can either turn on the food processor and let it go for 30 seconds if you like your salsa smooth. If you like it chunkier, then just pulse it 5 or 6 times until it is the consistency you like. Taste and add more salt if you like. 

It make it less spicy, use less chiles or you can remove the seeds to give it more flavor with less heat. To up the spiciness simply add more chilies. 3 or 4 is usually a good amount with the seeds for our family.

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