Local Phoenix finds

Oh the Joys of Shopping!

I get asked all the time where do I buy my stuff, all my good ingredients, local and not local. For me that was the hardest part of switching to paleo. I knew I wanted good quality ingredients, as local and possible, but I also had to keep in financially attainable for our family. As much as I would like a one stop shopping experience, I couldn’t afford it. So here are my finds.

Eatwild.com  – This is a great resource for finding grass fed meats and farms in your area. It is nation wide and one of the places that I looked when trying to find local things here in Arizona.

Date Creek Ranch –  Meat! They are located in Wickenburg, AZ and deliver once a month to Phoenix.  We just ordered our 2nd round of a 1/4 cow. I was so happy with our experience. They are so helpful on the phone and in person. You have to order with anticipation, a couple months in advance. They are that good! It is so worth it! Next time we will order a half hog. They also sell chickens,  lamb and eggs. I love knowing where my meat in coming from and how it was raised.

Backyard Farmer – Veggies and Honey!  I love this local farm. They do not have the official organic stamp, but they follow all organic processes. They have a great website that you can pick and choose what you want that is in season. They will deliver it to your doorstep free of charge. We order very frequently. You have to get in your order online by Sunday night and they deliver on Wednesday. I love their local honey. It is by far the best I have ever tasted. I leave out my cooler with ice packs and when I get home from a day out, I have a cooler filled with local farm fresh organic veggies! Love it!

Honeyville – Almond Flour. You can order this online at honeyille.com or on amazon, but there is a store in Chandler 56th street and Chandler Blvd. The flour in store is a few dollars cheeper, plus if you sign up for their newsletter you get 10% coupons that you can use on line or in the store. They also sell coconut flour, raw cocoa powder, and a variety of other paleo friendly flours.

Trader Joes – They have a lot of good finds here. I buy, coconut sugar, organic Applegate hotdogs, banana chips, organic apple juice, grass fed butter, coconut flour, and maple syrup. In apple season they have the best prices on organic apples. I have one really close to my kids school, so this is a frequent stop for us.

Costco – Every time I go they have more Paleo friendly foods. We go through a lot of food, so to be able to buy it in bulk helps a lot. My shopping cart usually has: 6lb bag of coconut flour for $6.99. Awesome! Organic Coconut Oil. 78oz for aprox $23, 24. Organic eggs for $6.99. Organic Chicken (breasts and whole). 1 Liter of Grade A maple syrup for $12.99. Local raw honey is great.  Spices. Cans of wild caught tuna. Cans of wild caught salmon. Fresh wild caught salmon. Avocado oil (I use to make homemade mayo). Organic Olive Oil. Hemp seed hearts. Chia seeds. Frozen organic fruit and a lot of times they will have a great deal on fresh organic strawberries.

Sprouts – A great place to fine organic veggies, unsweetened shredded coconut, Coconut amnios, flours, oils, grass fed and organic beef, chicken and pork.

Whole foods – I go here if I can’t fine it anywhere else, they will have it!

Amazon – For lots of things that I can’t find in a local store. I buy all my ingredients to make lotion on amazon.

Olive Mill – Love their olive oil. You can’t beat the flavor, the care that they take in process. I love that they use no heat or chemicals to express the oil and their fertilizer comes straight from the olive oil process. If you haven’t gone on a tour. It is a must. I learned so much and you get to taste all their amazing oils and stuffed olives at the end.



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